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Discover the heights of elegance with our cirque-style aerial performances. Elevate your event with breathtaking aerial artistry.

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Unleash the Mesmerizing Magic of Aerial Silk or Straps Duo at Your Special Event! Prepare to be swept off your feet by the captivating allure of Aerial Silk or Straps Duo, an act that has stolen the hearts of countless wedding event attendees and is the perfect fit for any extraordinary occasion. This dazzling aerial performance promises to leave your guests in awe, crafting unforgettable memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Aerial Artistry that Soars Across the Globe Our exceptional aerial artists have graced the stages of prestigious events worldwide, leaving audiences mesmerized with their skill and grace. With a wealth of experience under their belts, they are ready to infuse your event with a touch of breathtaking spectacle. Two Ways to Amaze: Flying or Static The Aerial Silk Duo can enrapture your audience with two stunning variations: Flying or Static. Whether suspended gracefully in mid-air or performing captivating maneuvers on a stable surface, the artistry remains unparalleled, capturing the hearts of all who witness it. Adaptable Setup for Any Venue Worried about rigging points or weight limitations? Fear not! If your event is held outdoors without a suitable rigging point, or the venue ceiling cannot support the weight, our free-standing Rigg will come to the rescue. Rest assured, we have the means to make this enchanting performance a reality at any location. The Spectacular Act: 6 to 8 Minutes of Pure Wonder Allow yourself to be entranced for 6 to 8 minutes of pure wonder as our Aerial Silk or Straps Duo takes center stage. Every moment is crafted to captivate, leaving no room for anything less than pure amazement. Requirements for Duo Flying Act: To ensure a seamless and breathtaking experience, we require a solid flat surface or stage measuring a minimum of 20x15 feet, offering the perfect platform for our artists to shine. Additionally, a minimum ceiling height of 16 feet with rigging capability rated at a minimum of 800 pounds is essential. Requirements for Static Act: For the equally mesmerizing Static Act, a ceiling height of 12 feet and a surface or stage measuring 6x6 feet are the ideal dimensions for our artists to showcase their brilliance. Elevate Your Event to New Heights! Elevate your special event with the unparalleled charm of Aerial Silk or Straps Duo. Enchant your guests and create an atmosphere of wonder and excitement that they will forever cherish. Secure this enthralling act for your occasion and prepare to witness the magic that unfolds before your eyes. Unforgettable memories await!


The captivating performance of Aerial Pole showcases the extraordinary physical prowess and artistry of our elite performers, who stand at the pinnacle of their industry. Our esteemed Pole artists are renowned for their exceptional talent and have earned a trail of successful events, leaving audiences mesmerized by their powerful and flawless routines. Each performance spans an impressive duration of 5 to 7 minutes, leaving a lasting impression on spectators. To ensure a flawless presentation, certain requirements must be met: A flat surface or stage measuring a minimum of 8x8 feet provides an ideal platform. Additionally, the venue must boast a minimum ceiling height of 12 feet, accompanied by a rigging capability capable of supporting at least 800 pounds of weight. Our commitment to your guests' safety and enjoyment is paramount, and to this end, our expert team meticulously oversees every aspect of the setup. For outdoor events or venues lacking appropriate rigging points or ceiling load-bearing capacities, we offer a free-standing rig as a seamless solution. This bespoke approach guarantees that our setup adheres to the highest safety standards while seamlessly integrating into the ambiance of your event. At SEE, we pride ourselves on delivering an unparalleled experience that showcases the peak of physical performance and artistic expression, elevating your event to new heights of excitement and entertainment.


The Aerial Cube act presents a captivating and awe-inspiring option to mesmerize your esteemed guests. This remarkable performance showcases the seamless synergy of two skilled artists maneuvering gracefully through the aerial cube, showcasing their exceptional strength and flexibility abilities. With years of experience in their craft, our highly proficient performers guarantee top-notch entertainment that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on your audience. The Aerial Cube act can be tailored to suit your event's specific needs, whether it be a captivating solo performance, a dynamic duo featuring either female & female, female & male, or an engaging trio of female artists. Moreover, we understand that certain venues may pose logistical challenges, such as limited rigging points or inadequate ceiling support. To ensure a seamless experience, we offer the option of a free-standing Rigg, ideal for outdoor events or venues with ceiling limitations, without compromising on the integrity of the act. The act itself is meticulously crafted to span 6 to 8 minutes, ensuring a well-paced and enthralling performance that will hold the audience's attention throughout. For optimal execution, the Aerial Cube act necessitates specific requirements. A solid flat surface or stage area of at least 6x6 feet offers an ideal performance space. To accommodate the aerial element, a minimum ceiling height of 12 feet is essential. Additionally, the rigging capability must be rated to support a minimum weight load of 800 pounds, guaranteeing the safety and security of the performers. In summary, the Aerial Cube act promises to be an exquisite addition to your event, providing an extraordinary display of talent, strength, and artistry. With the utmost professionalism and dedication, our performers are committed to delivering a sensational experience that will leave your guests in awe.


Aerial Silk Solo is a wedding event favorite act but can also be a perfect fit for any special event. This dazzling aerial act is a really great option to wow your guests. Our aerial artists have performed for prestige events all over the world. We can also provide multiple aerial silk artists to perform synchronized simultaneously. If the event is outside and there is no rigging point, or the venue ceiling is not rated to support enough weight, we can provide a free-standing Rigg. See here ​ The acts are 6 to 8 minutes long. Also, this app can be performed as an atmosphere throughout the event up to 3 sets 15 minutes long. Requirements: A solid flat surface or stage minimum of 6x6 feet. A minimum of 12 feet in ceiling height with rigging capability of a minimum 500 pounds rating. ChatGPT Captivate Your Audience with the Enchanting Aerial Silk Solo Act Immerse your special event in wonder with the breathtaking Aerial Silk Solo act, a favorite at weddings and a perfect fit for any occasion seeking to leave a lasting impression on its guests. Prepare to be dazzled as our aerial artists, who have graced prestigious events around the globe, bring their expertise and artistry to elevate your celebration. Experience the Magic of Synchronized Aerial Silk Artists To take the enchantment to new heights, we also offer the option of multiple aerial silk artists performing synchronously. Witness the seamless choreography as our skilled performers weave an aerial tapestry of beauty and grace, leaving your audience spellbound. Adaptable Setup for Unconventional Venues Don't let logistical challenges hinder your desire for an aerial spectacle. If your event is held outdoors without a suitable rigging point, or if the venue ceiling lacks the weight capacity, we provide a solution with our free-standing Rigg. This ensures a mesmerizing performance regardless of the venue's constraints. The Act: An Unforgettable 6 to 8 Minutes Prepare to be captivated for a remarkable 6 to 8 minutes as our Aerial Silk Solo act unfolds. Every moment is carefully crafted to inspire awe and wonder, providing an experience your guests will cherish forever. Atmospheric Elegance Throughout Your Event Extend the magic of the Aerial Silk Solo act by having it performed as atmospheric entertainment throughout your event. With up to 3 sets, each lasting 15 minutes, the enchantment will linger and heighten the ambiance of your occasion. Requirements: Elevating Your Vision to Reality To ensure a seamless and professional performance, we kindly request a solid flat surface or stage measuring a minimum of 6x6 feet. Additionally, a minimum ceiling height of 12 feet with rigging capability rated at a minimum of 500 pounds is essential to accommodate the artistry of our aerial performers. Create Unforgettable Memories with Aerial Silk Solo. Elevate your event to a realm of enchantment with the Aerial Silk Solo act, and watch as your guests marvel at the grace and skill of our artists. From weddings to other special occasions, this dazzling performance promises to wow your audience and leave a lasting impression. Secure this awe-inspiring act for your celebration, and let the magic unfold before your eyes.